We offer

 Hereafter mentioned services we provide for both Business enterprise and for Sector of non-profit organizations (including Association of proprietors of non-residential units) throughout the Czech Republic.


Audit services 

  • audits of regular, out of ordinary and consolidated final accounts

  • continuous auditors supervision of accountancy in accounting entities

  • audits of projects financed by public funds

  • inspection of accounting and final accounts (including accounting and final accounts according to international accounting standards IFRS and US-GAAP)

  • due diligence

  • management analysis


Tax services 

  • tax advisory

  • tax audit

  • tax representation at authorities, including postponement of income tax return

  • compilation of value added tax return, income tax return and other taxes (road tax, real estate tax etc.)


Accounting services 

  • accounting administration for small and medium sized accounting entities (including accounting according to international accounting standards IFRS and US-GAAP)

  • administration of tax records

  • monitoring expenses and revenues according to required aspects

  • compiling final accounts and account statements (Balance of payments, Income statement, Supplements to final accounts, Overview of changes in equity, Overview of cash-flow) - including final accounts according to international accounting standards IFRS and US-GAAP)


Advisory and consulting services 

  • consulting services during foundation of new business organizations, mergers and changes (transformation) of companies

  • formation and assessment of business plans – calculation of credit when considering loans

  • management analysis

  • finance analysis

  • analysis and advisory referring to economic information systems


Wage agenda and human resources 

  • administration of wage agenda and related personnel record

  • inspections of wage agenda administration in accounting entities

  • compilation and submission of statements to medical insurance and social insurance authorities

  • representation at tax authority and other institutions (Social Security Administration, Health Insurance Companies)